Is your law firm's website doing nothing to get clients through your door?

Every law firm knows that its website is a key tool in its marketing strategy. Whether you are a large firm or a small firm, your website should be working hard to attract new clients.

The most common problems I see with law firm websites are:

  • Too much emphasis on the firm (the ‘us’ factor) rather than what the firm can do for the client (the ‘you’ factor)
  • Failure to clearly communicate the firm’s practice areas to potential clients
  • Practice areas outlined but not clearly communicated to potential clients
  • Failure to include information about the human side of lawyers at the firm
  • Biographical information that doesn’t answer the question: ‘Why should I use this person?’
  • Failure to use social media to build up a ‘community of clients’
  • Failure to provide a newsletter or blog as a free resource for clients (blogs are great for goodwill and also for SEO).

If you are finding that your law firm’s website isn’t attracting many clients, then it might be time to think about an overhaul. You may even choose to go back to the drawing board and build a brand new website that sends clients to your door, instead of those of your competitors.

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