Do you need help with editing copy for your business?

Are you happy writing your own copy but feel that it would be valuable if you had someone to give your words a professional polish before you publish it in hard copy or online?

Do you need someone to add that extra pizazz that will make your business stand out from your competition?

After all, the way words are used is as important as what they say. The words you use on your website or in a brochure can be the little thing that persuades a customer or client to select you over your competitors.

Also, there is nothing that says ‘unprofessional’ louder than a spelling mistake or a grammatical error in your copy.

Pink Rottweiler Copywriting has the answer – Pink Rottweiler Editorial.

With the assistance of Sarina Rowell, a former senior editor at Pan Macmillan who has spent five years working in the publications section of a top-tier law firm, Pink Rottweiler Copywriting now offers an editorial service for businesses that like to write their own copy, but feel they need someone to copyedit and proofread it before it is published.

As with Pink Rottweiler Copywriting, there are lots of options with Pink Rottweiler Editorial.

  • You provide the copy and we simply copyedit and proofread it for you.
  • You provide the copy and we review it to make sure it is doing the most it can to sell your product or service. Finally, we copyedit and proofread it for you.
We can help with:
  • Brochures
  • Direct mail
  • Newsletters for clients
  • Website copy
  • Blog articles.

So, if you need some editorial assistance with the copy that will promote your products or services, call the Pink Rottweiler on + 61 (0)409 609 903 or email me at info@pinkrottweilercopywriting.com.au.

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